Hello, everyone. I am Kanon Akiyoshi. I have been in Canada for 10 months. So I am going to talk about my experience in Canada. I learned a lot there.
              First, I found many differences between Canada and Japan. For example, the Canadian school has only 4 classes, but 90 minutes per class, while Japan has 6 classes for 50 minutes each. So it is too long for me to study well in class. There were many international students from other places such as South America, Europe, and Asia. I learned about their cultures and languages, and I also shared Japanese culture with them.
              Second, I found that most people living in Canada were kind and friendly. Even when we took a bus, I often talked with strangers sitting next to me. My best memory of Canada is the time spent with my wonderful host family. I had a host father, a host mother, and two young host sisters. They treated me as a member of their family and cared about me. I really love my host family.
              I also enjoyed visiting Whistler for skiing and the Rocky Mountains for sightseeing on a school trip.
              I am not sure if my English has improved, but I can say that I can speak English with confidence. I am very happy to experience such a great program. I would like to study abroad again someday.

Day at Disney Sea (300725)

Chris Chat #4
              Last week I went to Disney Sea for the first time. I was very excited to go, since I have only been to Disneyland in California. I looked on the website to see what rides I wanted to try. I noticed that some were the same as the ones in California, such as, “Toy Story Mania”, “Indian Jones”, and “The Tower of Terror." I was also sad to find out that “Journey to the Center of the Earth” was closed on the day I went. However I was still excited to try the other rides. 
              I found out that the “Toy Story Mania” and “Indian Jones” rides were very similar to the ones in California. They made me feel like I was back in America. I was surprised at the story about “The Tower of Terror.” It was very different from the one told in California. The tower here in Japan has a story about Mr. Hightower, but the one in California is about guests disappearing in the elevator during a dangerous storm. 
              I also had fun on some of the rides only found here, such as, “Raging Spirits”, “Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage”, and “The Magic Lamp Theater”. My favorite new ride was “Raging Spirits” since I love to ride roller coasters. I want to go back when “Journey to the Center of the Earth” is open so I can ride that roller coaster too. One day I hope to visit every Disneyland around the world.
Do you want to go a Disneyland that is another country? Which one? Do you have a favorite theme park that is not Disneyland? What is it?


7月22日(日) けやきロードフェスティバル


7月21日(土) 清瀬 川まつり

1学年の奉仕体験として、清瀬 川まつりに45名の生徒が参加してきました!


7月20日(金) 宿泊防災訓練




7月20日(金) 終業式



A Visit from a Friend   300714


This week my friend from college came to Japan with her boyfriend. Her name is Kayla and her boy friend is Adam. I was able to meet with them on Sunday and asked Ms. Ayano to join us. All four of us met in Shibuya at the statue of Hachiko and took a few pictures of it. After that we went to Harajuku to visit a hedgehog cafe(ハリネズミカフェ). This is enjoyable since hedgehogs are not common pets in California. We paid a little extra to feed the hedgehogs. The hedgehogs were very cute. One of them even fall asleep in our hands. Another one liked to run on the wheel. It was very fun.
              After leaving the hedgehog cafe we returned to Shibuya to eat dinner. We went to Uobei Sushi restaurant(魚べい 回転寿司). Kayla and Adam really liked the restaurant and found it interesting to order the sushi on a tablet. Also at dinner we talked about what they planned to do in Tokyo. Kayla said they will go to the Ghibli Museum and Disney Sea. Ms. Ayano also recommended they go to the Tokyo Sky Tree.
It was nice to see my friend again. I had not seen her since she started her job as an art teacher about two years ago. I hope to visit her in California and that they enjoy their time in Japan.
Have you ever shown someone around Tokyo? What are some places you would recommend to visit? Let me know you answers in the teachers room.

7月13日(金) 保健講習会


7月12日(木) 進路指導部ガイダンス




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